Cranked Customs is always looking to do something different and exciting and this Redneck build was definitely both of those.
We made this one as custom as it gets - most of this bike was handmade including:
  • gas tank with inset indicator lights and custom cap
  • oversize oil tank, located in cow catcher
  • rear fender - hand pounded and formed from 18ga sheet metal
  • right hand stick shifter with skull grip
  • straight "clipon" style bars with internal wiring and throttle
  • forward controls and control mounts
  • seat covering, and seat pan with linear seatpost shock absorber
  • custom drive side brake setup
  • handmade electronic speedo - Cranked designed circuitry and programming
The bike sports FOOSE Lusso rims, an S&S 124CI engine with full IST ignition setup, 50 degree Redneck springer frontend, and a Scorpion Lockup clutch setup.

There is NO bondo on this bike. All welds are exposed, and have been clearcoated and pinstripped in-house to showcase the work.

Bike Status and News

The Bike is done and on the road in Ontario, Canada. It'll be going to Biketoberfest and Daytona bike week this winter -- We'll post some show locations once we know where we'll be showing it this year.

SNAKEBITE Bike Pictures

Here's a few pics that we've snapped during the build.

Front right

Left side

Front left

Right side

Rear shot

Tank left side

Oil Bag

Rear right

Filter Cover, striped

Hand-made Controls


Skull handshifter

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