As well as providing standard maintanence and repair services on Metric, H-D, and custom bikes, we also handle custom projects.
A short list of the things that we'll do (click for more info): To have someone here at Cranked contact you regarding a service or custom job, please send us an email at sales@crankedcustoms.com.

Exhaust Repairs, Custom Tubes, and Baffles

C50 Exhaust
We can bend and mend exhausts for a variety of applications. We take on everything from simple repairs to older, tired systems which require just a bit of love from our TIG welder, to complete end to end exhaust systems, custom built for your bike.

To finish off your system, we have access to several chroming houses as well as relationships with anodizers, ceramic coating, and blasting houses to make your new system as unique as you.

We also handle rejetting/EFI programming and intake replacement when you put your aftermarket exhaust onto your stock bike (see below).

Custom Paint and Paint Cleanup

Flamed Tank
We have aligned ourselves with several show quality painters to give you the best paint results available!
  • For general bodywork, dent and ding repairs, candy/pearl/two tone basecoat paints we use Ernie at Vetworks here in Port Perry. Ernie's work has spoken for itself for years with his extensive experience painting show bikes and Corvettes. His attention to detail means your jobs will come out flawless every time.
    Check out our 300 wide-tire kit (below) for some pictures of what Ernie has done for us in the past.
  • Mike at KustomAirworks (www.kustomairworks.com) can put ANY kind of mural, pinstripe, flame, or graphic onto any part of your bike. Whether you go through us or go direct, you'll find that Mike has the quality and price that you're looking for.
    Check out our gallery to see some of the Flame painting that Mike's done for us.

Custom Seats and Stitching/Embroidery

Custom Embroidery
By working closely with our customers, we can provide a high-quality seat customizing program. We have aligned ourselves with a local, industry leading seat customizer. Bruce at Antique Interior Designs has worked with us to produce some of the best custom seating in the industry.

We attack things that others shy away from:

  • Recovering - using a variety of coverings including all types of stock coverings, vinyls, and leathers
  • Re-shaping and stuffing - using various densities of foams or gels. Stock seats can be taken down to their pans and re-stuffed or re-shaped to whatever you want. Gel pad inserts into stock seats can make a HUGE difference in comfort at a fraction of the cost of a new seat.
  • Custom Embroidery - want a flag, hotrod flames, or some phrase stitched onto your seat? No problem! If you can produce a picture of it, we can reproduce it in a variety of colors.
If your seat isn't up to your expections, see us for your upgrades.

Big-Bore Kits

Ultima 113inch
Want a little more from your stock machine? We've got a variety of solutions to help prick your ride up. Choose from:

  • big inch kits, including pistons and cams. Bore your old cylinders or get new ones!
  • nitros injection systems
  • Magna chargers, built specifically for bikes -- double the horses in your stock machine, using stock pistons, carb, and cams. Lots of bang for the buck.

Jetting and Carb Tuning

VTX Hypercharger
If you're thinking about doing an exhaust, you should be looking at carb jetting or EFI programming and an intake too. We use only the top names in the industry to help your engine breath and perform.

Technologies from K&N, S&S, and Power Commander provide us with the means to step your motor up!

If you're looking for bigger and better, we also deal in:

  • hi-volume, hi-velocity carburetors from Mikuni
  • Forcewinder and Hypercharger intakes
  • K&N air filters
Our experienced wrenches bring more than just technology to the table - knowing what to change and how to change it is as important as the technology. Trust us to get your engine running it's best.

Custom Fenders and Sissy Bars

300 FatBoy
A great way to change the look of your stock ride is to change up the fenders. On the backend, take the lights and plate off the fender, cut it back or replace it, attach it to the swingarm for a contoured look. On the frontend, sculpt the metal out to a point, make it minimal, or put a street sweeper on.

Talk to us about these and other possibilities for your bike. Our catalogs are full of front and rear fenders -- come by and browse for something unique.

Wide-Glide and Raked Tree Conversions

Dyna Low-Wider
Tired of that narrow front end? We can widen that frontend with a wide glide conversion kit available for all H-D narrow glide models. These kits give your bike a completely different look in just a couple of hours.

Want a bit more of a raked out look? Adding several degrees to the trees on your bike and make a subtle, but substantial difference in your look. We can get degreed trees for both Metrics and H-Ds.

Wide Tire Kits

280 Warrior
Fat is where it's at. With 250 tires becoming the defacto standard and the 300, 330, and 360 tires becoming more popular, there's definately something appealing to going wide.

We have done fat tire kits on both Metric and H-Ds with amazing results. Although these projects are major and can require a substantial investment, there's nothing like the look of wide tire on a fat bike; many of the bikes currently on the market have big motors, big frames, big bars, and small rear ends -- a wide-tire kit can really make these bikes come out of their shells. Check out the pictures of the 280 Warrior and 300 FatBoy projects we recently completed.

Full Builds and Kits

Black Cloud Kit
Building a custom is an exciting way to get to owning a one-off special bike. If you're thinking about having a bike built for you, or about building one yourself, We at Cranked invite you to sit down with us and determine the best way to proceed. Through us, you have access to the best frames, tanks, motors, rims, wheels, and all the other pieces that make up a one-of-a-kind bike.

Check out our Builder's Page for info on some of the kits that are available through us.

Contact us if you want to know more.

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