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Our parts page has many of the common parts that our customers are asking about -- frames, engines, tanks, fenders, wheels, tires, and electronics.

Thought about Building a Kit Bike?
Due to the large number of questions we've fielded from customers wanting either to build a bike or have us build one for them, we're currently investigating the quality and availability of various bike kits.

Here at the shop, we're concentrating on kits from Ultima Motorcycles.
Ultima currently offers:

  • The Wolfe Daddy - A 200 rigid Chopper with a 96 ci Ultima motor RETAIL: $18,500 CAD
  • The Thunder Horse - A 130 softail Prostreet with a 96 ci Ultima motor RETAIL: $18,500 CAD
  • The Fat Bastard 250 - A 250 softail Prostreet with a 113 ci Ultima motor and spoke wheels RETAIL: $19,500 CAD
  • The Black Cloud - A 250 softail Chopper with a 113 ci Ultima motor and billet wheels RETAIL: $24,000 CAD

These kits are made up of quality parts and come with pretty well every nut, bolt, and wire you need to build a complete bike. The Ultima engines have been around for a number of years and are one of the industries best kept secrets - their price is excellent, the offer tons of horsepower, and have a complete 12 month warrentee!

We'll attempt to keep this page updated with the latest kit availability.

Our Black Cloud Project
Our first kit, a "Black Cloud" chopper from Ultima, is currently on the lift. Unassembled, this kit retails at $24,000 CAD and comes complete with pretty well every nut, bolt, and connector you'll need to build a complete bike.

We ordered the default Black Cloud kit but substituted "Bayonet I" rims, pulley, and discs for the standard billet "Maltese" setup. It comes with an Ultima 113 ci El Bruto motor, a 5 speed US made Transmission, 8" over forks, under-the-trans softail swingarm, 5" stretched chopper tank, side mount license plate, and shorty shot-gun pipes.

The Kit
The pictures here show off some of the parts that are included in the Black Cloud chopper kit from Ultima. Each kit is checked to insure that all parts have been received that that they're in good shape.

Bayonet Disks

Frame with Motor

Front Fender

Oil Bag and Shocks

Misc Parts

Misc Parts

Misc Parts




5-speed Trans

The Black Cloud is pretty well done. The engine has been fired up and runs VERY WELL with the stock "Big Growl" 2" shotgun pipes that come with it. It's got lots of power and lots of looks!

STEP 1 The first thing that's done with the kit is to ensure that all the parts are present. This takes a bit of time since there are several shipments that comprise the kit and it doesn't all come on the same day.
Parts are checked for marks, and dents and returned to the manufacturer if necessary.

STEP 2 The second bit of work involved getting pieces to fit together well.

Tools required to get to this stage include:

  • a welder, and torch
  • a hydraulic press (for fitting bearings, stem cups, and bushings),
  • a polisher and a small hone (again for cleaning up bearing seats and close fitting parts)
  • a good set of taps and dies,
  • assorted shims for alignment of motor/trans, frame, and rear wheel
  • oils and lubes: lithium grease, bearing grease, fork oil, transmission and engine oil
and, of course, assorted wrenches and sockets.

STEP 3 The last bunch of hours spent on the bike have been centered around doing the custom sheet metal work.

  • the rear fender was cut and reinforced into a deep "V" style
  • the struts were welded to the rear fender to get rid of the stock bolts
  • a point fillet was welded into the neck
  • the stock handlebars were heated and bent to reflect a drag style
Some sculpting work still needs to be done to the bars and the front fender. Check back with this page to keep up-to-date on the progress that's been made on this kit. If you'd like to see it for yourself, stop by the shop during our normal business hours.

A couple of shots of a stock Black Cloud kit that's been completed with single colour paint.

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